Assess your organisation’s candidate experience.


This assessment tool covers the six key stages of a candidates journey through your recruitment process:

Complete this survey to get your candidate experience score. It will take you approximately 15 minutes.

You will be asked a series of questions representing each stage of the journey, and the activity within those stages, of the journey. For each question you will be presented with three statements that represent a level of capability.

You will be asked each question twice; first acknowledging your current situation and then where you would like to be. If you are satisfied with your current level, then select the “same level” for where you would like to be.

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As a general guide, here is what each level means:


Candidate experience is inconsistent with irregular communication and variations of process and levels of information provided.


The candidate journey is inconsistent and standardised, but processes are not optimised.


The experience we offer is streamlined with the right tools and systems to support our processes, which are regularly reviewed.

Following completion of the survey, you will receive an assessment of your overall experience, including a list of recommendations that pertain to the areas that need improvement. Overall, this report is designed to help you attract the right talent better, faster and more cost effectively.

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Activity: Employee Value Proposition (EVP)

1. Please select the statement that best describes your current situation.

Our EVP is undefined, therefore content and messaging are relatively uncontrolled, dependent on the author in terms of the tone of voice and brand alignment.


Our EVP is in place and articulated but is not up to date or assessed against competitors. Content is limited and has no specific owner.


Our EVP is clear and visible in the internal and external market. Our content plan is aligned with our brand and promotes our USPs and evidences our inclusive culture.

The above questions are representative of your level of capability, not conclusive.

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Download your customised report to get a list of recommendations and insights that pertain to the areas for improvement from your self assesment. This report will help you attract the right talent better, faster, and more cost effectively


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Your candidate journey overview

This score is intended to provide you with an indication as to how someone may rate their candidate experience with your organisation
An overall average rating out of five has been calculated based on your self- assessment. A score of five would indicate an optimal candidate experience. The better the experience, the more likely that a candidate would apply, consider or recommend your job opportunities.
This survey required you to select the most appropriate statement that best represents the experience your organisation currently provides to candidates. This was done for a multitude of activities that make up six core stages of the candidate journey.
The below chart indicates your ratings for each of the candidate journey activities. The X-axis lists each activity, and the Y-axis provides your self-assessed rating:
- Level 1 indicates a basic capability, thereby providing a satisfactory to poor candidate experience 
- Level 3 indicates an intermediate capability, thereby providing a satisfactory to good candidate experience 
- Level 5 indicates an advanced capability, thereby providing a good to excellent candidate experience 
  • Average satisfaction rating
  • Self-assessed capability & experience
  • 1. Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
  • 2. Career website
  • 3. Talent pool
  • 4. Tools & channels
  • 5. Application process
  • 6. Application requirements
  • 7. Contact details
  • 8. Referrals
  • 9. Internal mobility
  • 10. Recruitment feedback
  • 11. Engagement
  • 12. Managing expectations
  • 13. Screening & testing
  • 14. Assessment centres (AC)
  • 15. Interviews
  • 16. Compliance
  • 17. Offer & contract management
  • 18. Welcome pack
  • 19. Onsite induction
  • 20. Feedback
  • 21. Reward
  • 22. Attrition
  • 23. Redeployment

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