How mature is your contingent labour programme?


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You will be asked a series of questions representing key aspects of Contingent Workforce Management.  For each question you will be presented with three statements that represent a level of capability.



You will be asked each question twice: first acknowledging your current situation and then where you would like to be.  If you are satisfied with your current level, then select the “same level” for where you would like to be.

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As a general guide, here is what each level means:


The management of contingent workforce is inconsistent with irregular process and levels of information.


The management of contingent workforce is consistent and somewhat standardised, but processes are not optimised.


The management of contingent workforce is fully streamlined as a result of having the right tools and systems to support processes, which are regularly reviewed.

Following completion of this survey, you will receive as assessment of your overall capability and recommendations to help you to drive improvement. Overall, this report is designed to help you optimise your management of contingent workforce in the areas which will have most impact for your organisation.

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Activity: Process Facilitation

1. Please select the statement that best describes your current situation.

Engagement is unsupported; requirements are both defined and managed by the relevant business unit or project owner.


Guidance is available to business leads on governance and there are policies in place to clarify who needs to be involved; we do not monitor adoption but challenge non-compliance where issues arise as a consequence.


Our enterprise-wide contingent workforce programmes include comprehensive governance models with defined owners, reporting, review and planning interactions, which include representatives from HR, procurement and our business units.

The above questions are representative of your level of capability, not conclusive.

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Download your complete, customised report to get a list of recommendations and insights that pertain to the areas for improvement from your self-assessment. This report will help you attract the right talent better, faster, and more cost effectively.


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Your contingent labour programme overview
The following chart provides a summary of your self-assessed contingent workforce management solution maturity. For the complete report, please download the PDF.
This survey required you to select the most appropriate statement that best represents the way in which your organisation currently utilises and manages it’s contingent workforce. This was done for a multitude of activities that make up ten core areas of resource optimisation.
The below chart indicates your ratings for each of the contingent workforce management activities. 
The X-axis lists each activity and the Y-axis provides your self-assessed rating:
- Level 1 indicates a basic capability
- Level 3 indicates an intermediate capability
- Level 5 indicates an advanced capability
  • Average maturity rating
  • Self-assessed capability
  • 1. Process Facilitation
  • 2. Risk Management
  • 3. Compliance
  • 4. Brand Management
  • 5. Performance Management
  • 6. Demand Planning
  • 7. Budgetary Control
  • 8. On-Boarding
  • 9. Workforce Management
  • 10. Supplier Delivery
  • 11. Process Management
  • 12. Attraction Planning
  • 13. Diversity and Inclusion
  • 14. Source Management
  • 15. Supplier Engagement
  • 16. Supplier Contracting
  • 17. Supplier Relationship Management
  • 18. Supply Chain Development
  • 19. Agility
  • 20. Communication
  • 21. Spend Control
  • 22. Data Management
  • 23. Cost Management

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